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Sunday 7 February 2010

Snow Scrapbooking Page

This is what I've done today:

I started to make the background for this snow scene and in the book I was following it said to use silver card and cover it with transparent acrylic gel medium.  I was going to do that but found out that the gel medium that I had wasn't transparent, it was white.  I could have used that but thought they must have used the transparent stuff for a good reason so went in search for a substitute.  I vaguely remember someone using 'Klear' Floor Cleaner for something arty (wish I could remember what!) so I hunted under the kitchen sink and dug it out.  I wiped it over the silver card and then added liquid acrylic in pearlescent blue and white. I added more Klear over the top and then swept over it with a comb and added glitter.  It was very wet at this stage so I thought I'll never get it dry to finish my project today so heated it with my heat gun. It made a lovely effect, all bubbled up, hope it wasn't a dangerous thing to do!

I then added some lovely silvery wool I've got to one of my glittery snowflake stickers and put it in the top corner.  I printed out the picture of my boys sledging in the snow next to their school and ripped it all round the edges.  I used the Cuttlebug to cut out the letters of the word 'Snow' for the bottom corner and added more glitter snowflakes all around.  After gluing it all down I added glitter to the picture and words and  tiny silver gems to the large snowflake. I then finally distressed the whole thing with white Stazon. The next day I decided that the Stazon distressing effect wasn't enough so I attacked it with coarse sandpaper, scissors and careless abandon!  :-)

Further pictures showing details:

Oooh, lovely, lovely textures!


Melanie Marshall said...

Seriously stunning page, the textures and techniques in this are just gorgeous.. I especially love all of the crunchy 'snow' glitter and the distressed layers. Perfect!

Mel xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

Aww! Thanks Mel. Your ears must be burning, lol. It's true though I love your work and it is what inspired me to do this piece. I haven't done anything like it before and would love to do lots more. Hope you and your family are keeping well and they're not working you TOO hard at docrafts. All the best, qwiksave xx

Seth said...

Such great texture and layers here. And I like the feel -- almost icy!!

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