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Thursday 7 January 2010

Dates to Remember!

I occasionally forget events and things I'm supposed to remember like returning library books or school holiday dates- so the item I've made today should help me.

It's an 'Important Dates' coaster calendar for my notice board:

I got the idea of the coaster calendar originally from someone on my favourite forum MSE, who got it from someone else...

I made one in December, a 'shabby chic' one that I was going to give to my son's teacher but in the end wasn't sure that she would appreciate it. I'm glad that I didn't give it away though because I like looking at it on another of my noticeboards!

They are made by covering a beer mat (you can BUY these from ebay apparently!) with patterned paper, gluing on a calendar and adding embelishments like flowers and ribbon. The one that I made today (top pictures) was also outlined with a black marker pen.


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