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Friday, 7 January 2011

Sparkle, Sparkle

I was putting the decorations away as you do (did!) and nearby was one of those plastic lenses that you can use to see multiple images so I used it to snap this. Loving all those sparkly rainbow colours!

..And then I added an effect to this same picture using Picnik:

It's been strange not being on here every day but I haven't been resting, oh, no.  I've been trying to learn to knit! I've got nothing to show you because knitting and me are poles apart despite using this children's knit book (75p charity shop) and youtube lessons, I still can't do it!  Grrr! (my language whilst practicing was a bit stronger than that!)  I am in need of some personal tuition from a kindly Shreddies granny I think.
The book itself has got some great illustrations:
..and these look wacky:
Such a shame I can't do it!

Finally, I had a bit of doodling fun whilst watching TV last night:
It almost looks like a journal page!

Thanks for looking and for any comments


K said...

Knitting, aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I havent the patience to get the tension right, I doubt it'll come with age either.

Fab doodlepage, its something I've got to learn to do, for some reason it just doesnt come naturally to me.

Carmen said...

It DOES look like a journal page. Gorgeous.

My memory is so bad, whenever people try and teach me to knit I've forgotten again 5 minutes later.

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