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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Craft Humour

Blush, Blush, this image is so me! I think the artist was spying on me when he/she thought up this cartoon. I don't actually know who the artist is - I cut this out of a magazine years ago and found it again yesterday, in amongst my own 'creative mess!' lol.  If anyone out there knows who the artist is, I'd be happy to give them some proper credit. 

 I'm sure I'm not the only one out there (am I??) like the person featured in this cartoon but I am trying to get better this year at being just a bit more domesticated (..and so far, so good!)

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Dhila Backstrom said...

LOL. Couldn't agree more on this. I really wish I had a maid to take care of my chores so I could spend more time designing, creating, photographing and spending time with family. With work, school, 5-year old, photo gigs, design gigs there's just not enough hours in a day! Thank goodness for husbands.

BTW, thank you for stopping by my blog and the kind words you wrote about my icicles.

Happy Days said...

LMAO - think it is an affliction specific to crafters! I have to set myself jobs to do otherwise I'd sit and craft all day. x

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