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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Foiling & Decopatch

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I am in the process of completing a Art & Craft technique 'NOW' List.  So far on my list I have done Lino Printing, Shrink Plastic and Hama Bead Crafting.  For this project the plan was to do Foiling.  I combined foiling with the craft of decopatch and made these wish hearts:

My original plan was to do conventional foiling and this idea of using a laser copy print with a laminator appealed.  I'd even treated myself to a cheap laser printer a couple of months ago so I could do crafts like image transfers.  So many instructions for image transfer techniques say you have to have a laser copy, rather than an inkjet.  The problem I had was with my laminator.  It just refused to feed the paper through at all.  I even tried with a second laminator (yes, I have two!) and that didn't take it either.

So then I tried the simple technique of drawing with glue and foiling. I tried the Zig 2 Way Glue and the Appli glue, both of which should have worked, but didn't.  Even though I allowed the glue to dry to a tacky state, the foil didn't stick so I gave up on that idea...

...And instead made some faux foiling using shiny gold gift tape:
I stuck three strips down onto some ordinary white paper and burnished it flat with my nail.
Next I made my word 'WISH' using my Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug letter dies.

I was wondering where to put my foiled letters when I remembered the decopatch set and paper mache hearts that I had been sent to test by Baker Ross
This is how the hearts look as blanks:
The technique of how to do Decopatch is very simple and described on the back of the packet. 
You rip small pieces off and glue them on to your object overlapping each piece.  They do suggest Decopatch varnish glue but I hadn't got any of that so used a PVA/Water mix.  You also add the glue mix on the top of each paper as it acts as a varnish. 

I started to make the hearts with just the thin decopatch paper but then I decided to add some coloured old book pages too.
The paper from the books was a bit thicker so it was trickier to stick around the edges of the hearts.

After completing the hearts I gave them a final coat of the PVA/Water mix and coated them with multicoloured glitter.
Tip: Don't hold the hearts by the gold string much as it falls out.  I had to glue two of the threads back on.

After sticking on my foiled letters I left all the hearts to dry before giving them a final coat of spray glossy varnish.  This will also help to prevent the glitter coming off when handling.

And there you have it.
Another crafty technique to cross off the list.  The next one on my list is encaustic which I am quite looking forward to.  I just need to brush the cobwebs off that Ranger Melting Pot and all those waxing craft accessories that I bought all those years ago...

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