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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween Decorations Made With ThermoMorph

I have another product review project to show you today.  As a dedicated(!) crafty blogger, I was approached by the makers of ThermoMorph (http://www.thermomorph.net) to try out their product, make something creative and review how I got on with it here on my blog. 

As you can see from the picture above,  for my first experiment I used it to create some fun halloween decorations.  They were very difficult to photograph with the light off so let me show you what they look like in the light:
Aaaaaggh! Who turned the lights on?
They were very easy and quick to make and I shall show you the method I found that worked best for me, along with a tip or two that I learned along the way.
First of all, the equipment I used:
Pot of ThermoMorph, heat resistant jug, silicon mould (this is one from the current range at Poundland, meant for making ice cubes), a (non-essential) oven thermometer and a long spoon.  You will also need some near-boiling water and an optional bowl of cold water.

The method I found that worked for me was to put boiling water in the jug first and then add some of the ThermoMorph pellets immediately.  I added my oven thermometer (kept away in the jug from the ThermoMorph because it loves to stick to it!) and waited for the temperature to cool down enough for me to handle the gel in my hands.  For me this was about 65 degrees  (The recommended advice is 60 degrees).

When you first put the white pellets into the boiling water (carefully, I put some into the lid) you will be able to see them transform into one clump of transparent gel. When the water cools down to the right temperature you take this clump out (with your spoon) and can mould it with your hands into your desired shape.  It is very malable and stretchy at this point as you can see:
(I unashamedly enjoyed this bit!)

This is when you add it to your chosen mould - or to whatever it is you might be mending.  Thermomorph has many different uses.

I put mine into my Halloween shaped mould and added more pieces of the gel to fill it in all the nooks and crannies:
(Earlier ones I made I filled the shape right to the top, they made chunkier shapes)

You get about 10 minutes to mould your shapes before it starts to harden and turn white. I made my eight shapes in two batches as I was guessing how much ThermoMorph that I needed to use.

When they were hard they popped out of the mould really easily (easier than ice cubes!) and I put mine in a bowl of cold water to finish setting.

After setting you can sand them to smooth any rough edges but I decided to keep mine shabby, just to add to their character.  And for colour, I painted them with a layer of glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint:
..and found that they took AGES to dry! I ended up leaving them overnight but they may not need that long.

They seem pretty strong but the next day as I went to put my second coat of paint on, one of the crossbones broke a little.  This I found easy enough to fix with a little quick setting glue:
(An aside note, I LOVE this glue, it is really good and cheap too!)

So, after their second coat, I added some black paint for shading (and so that they could be seen in daylight!):
(B&W Arty Insagram picture)

The brush I used to do the shading (some of it dry brushing) was held in a necessary upright position and was 'wrecked' in the making of these decorations but was it worth it? Hell, yeah!  I thoroughly enjoyed making these and, as a conclusion to this review, would definately recommend this product, ThermoMorph, to anyone.  I had such fun and my sons have already got their beady eyes on it....

The question  is, what will I do with my skulls and crossbones now?  One idea I had was to add them to a sign for a door saying 'Keep Out' or something like it.... but then the crossbone crosses gave me another idea:
....A spooky game of noughts and crosses!

To try out some ThermoMorph yourself, please follow this link:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/ThermoMorph-Polymorph-Shapelock-Plastimake-InstaMorph/dp/B00D3LAZ9O

I'm not on commission (unfortunately), but that link lets ThermoMorph know you saw the product here on 'Creative Flourishes.'

Thank you for stopping by today,
See you for some more projects again soon,


Helen said...

I bought that ice cube tray to try using with my Thermomorph .... and never got round to it ..... wish I had now!!! Brilliant idea .... never thought of adding the glow in the dark element to them too ..... ingenious

Carmen said...

I absolutely love this set of noughts and crosses Nicky. I neeeed that ice cube tray - hope they still have them! And I need some glow in the dark paint too!


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