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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Own Dieting Smash Book

To christen the new selection of stamps that I got from the papercrafting show on Sunday I used some of them on a 'Dieting' (or rather, healthy living for life) Journal that I've made out of a blank notebook, similar in style to a 'Smash' book.  For those that don't know what they are (where have you been?) they are like mini scrapbooks that you stick in all kinds of pictures/stickers/stamps/embellishments/ & wot-nots of interest. 

The double page spread

I made four pages whilst watching Craft Day with Tim Holtz on QVC this morning and as they are on the 'dieting' theme I'm going to put them all onto my blog's 'other page' (one preview pic shown above).   To view them you can click the tab called 'Live Your Best Life' found under my blog header.   They are underneath the rather large selection of dieting fiction & non-fiction books that I have listed.

To make the pages, I found and stuck down images from magazines and then added some random carefully placed stamps.  A  distress effect in a co-ordinating colour was added to the edge of each of the pages. 

I'm hoping that this book that I'm creating will continue to motivate me as I try to lose these last few stubborn pounds - and also to help me keep this healthy habit going!

Thanks so much for visiting today,


Happy Days said...

Fantastic work as always. I don't know why but the burger made me laugh :D xxx

Gemma said...

looking good Nicky :) x

Denise said...

wonderful idea!

Patent Attorney said...

Not entirely random - a carefully selected randomness perhaps! Looks like a great book, hope it stays as motivating as it has been!

Serviced Apartments Lady London said...

Great stuff, this looks like it will serve as brilliant inspiration! I loved making scrapbooks as a child so this really taps into that sense of nostalgia!

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